Coppergate International – U.S. Destination Services

As the company behind RelocationTips, Coppergate International provides Destination Services in over 100 locations throughout the U.S. Founded in 2002 by a team of business management professionals who had been through the transferee experience, Coppergate offers the perfect balance of empathy to the transferee, and business acumen to their clients. And as one of only three companies within the U.S. to be awarded the coveted EuRA Global Quality Seal, Coppergate demonstrates a total commitment to quality.

Coppergate holds transferees’ hands, guiding them through the entire process. From pre-arrival counseling, where we determine how we can personalize our services to fit their specific agenda, orienting the transferee and family with everyday life in their new city, to answering their questions before they know which ones to ask. Coppergate takes care of everything.

For clients, our comprehensive reporting on each transferee keeps them informed and in control at every step of the relocation. Minimizing the time internal resources need to spend dealing with the “small stuff,” Coppergate ensures productivity, and success, for all parties involved in the relocation process.

While Coppergate possesses a strong reputation and track record for meeting the growing demand for relocation services, both domestic and international, we remain committed to personalized attention and tailored service for each of our clients. This flexibility ensures that both our transferees and clients receive the best-in-class resources and services they need for a hassle-free relocation.

Meet the people who make it possible

Coppergate's Services

  • Pre-Arrival; the initial hello and setting up for success!

    Upon accepting new assignments, transferees have a multitude of questions. This is where Coppergate’s pre-arrival assistance comes in especially handy. As soon as we receive authorization, we take a hands-on approach to manage expectations of the support available, familiarize them with the place they are about to call home, allay fears and provide all the right answers.

    • Single point of contact for the transferee in the form of their local Destination Services Consultant (DSC).
    • Welcome Email sent by the local DSC, within 24 hours of authorization, clarifying the detail of their support, providing their access to Relocation-Tips.com, and arranging the Initial Counseling Call.
    • Initial Counseling Call within 24 hours of Welcome Email – re-iteration and discussion of their support, discussion of their personal needs and expectations, and setting of appointments for pre or full time arrival.
  • Area Orientation; helping the transferee envision their new home!

    Conducted either on pre-arrival/look-see trips, or on full time arrival, an Area Orientation allows a transferee to understand everything their soon to be new location has for them.

    • Sample property viewings to acclimate transferee to the types of properties and neighborhoods.
    • Familiarize transferee with the area surrounding their place of work, and potential residential location(s).
    • Show the transferee key local amenities, including but not limited to; malls, hospitals, parks, areas of interest, and religious options.
  • Home Finding; There is no place like home!

    Settling into their new location starts with finding the right place to call home, and this will be one of the first, and potentially most daunting, items on a transferee’s to-do list.

    • Familiarization with: local home finding processes, local market conditions, legal requirements, types of properties, market pricing, etc.
    • Properties selected from transferee’s criteria, and accompanied viewings scheduled.
    • Itinerary provided 24 hours prior to property viewings.
    • Lease negotiation on rental properties, and price negotiation on purchased properties.
    • Assistance with payment process; first months’ deposit, security deposit, etc.
    • Property walk through and inventory checklist for rental properties.
  • Relocation Meeting; Let us show them how to…

    Covering multiple logistical elements faced by the transferee, their Destination Services Consultant will meet them within 48 hours of arrival and utilize RelocationTips to:

    • Re-affirm personal needs and expectations of the transferee.
    • Confirm scheduled appointments, and schedule any outstanding elements of support.
    • Counsel them in detail on the tasks ahead of them, including but not limited to:
      • What to expect
      • What to bring
      • How long each task will take
    • How to…apply for their Social Security card, Driver's License, lease or purchase a vehicle, open a bank account and find the local hospital.
    • General location information.
    • Delivery of personal research requested from pre-arrival counseling; hobbies, networking groups, language referrals, etc.
  • Social Security; the foundation of everything to come!

    Coppergate ensures this important foundation for the transferee (and spouse where applicable), is completed swiftly after their full time arrival, and runs smoothly.

    • Counseling on ID requirements & process to be followed.
    • Pick-up from home or office, checking of documentation, and accompaniment to local SS office.
    • Instant supply of next-step guidance, should application not be verified.
    • Return to home or office.
  • Driver’s License Assistance; let’s get them mobile!

    All states require transferees to have either a driver’s license or state-issued ID within a short period of time after arrival. Coppergate ensures that the transferee and family are compliant, providing support that includes:

    • Counseling on ID requirements & process to be followed.
    • Arrangement of driving evaluations / lessons.
    • Accompaniment to gain / exchange driver’s license.
  • School Assistance; Let’s get the kiddos happy and settled!

    Each location within the U.S. offers unique schooling propositions for the transferee to consider. Coppergate’s role is to ensure all options, both public and private, are explained appropriately. With experience helping thousands of families settle their children into new education systems within the U.S., Coppergate ensures transferees get the very best advice on this all important decision. Schooling assistance/counseling includes:

    • Pre-arrival counseling regarding requirements, immunizations, etc.
    • Counseling to familiarize transferee with country and local schooling systems.
    • Discussion regarding specific needs of the children, which may include: English as a Second Language (ESL), special assistance, or religious requirements.
    • Assistance with booking of appointments for prospective schools.
    • Accompaniment to schooling visits.
    • Assistance with school documentation required for registration.
  • Airport Meet & Greet; a friendly face to arrive and leave to!

    We strive to make the transferee’s arrival or departure comfortable and accommodating. Coppergate will coordinate all travel arrangements and meet your transferee upon arrival.

    • Confirmation to the transferee and client of travel details.
    • Coordination of any changes in flight times.
    • Licensed transportation operator.
    • Assist transferee with check-in / check-out at accommodation.
  • Departure Services; time to say goodbye!

    A transferee moving home after a long period away or moving on to another assignment has a multitude of elements to manage, so a separate program is available for the time when a successful assignment comes to an end. Coppergate handles all the loose ends that come with packing up to return home or to embark on the next adventure.

    • Vacating property; landlord notice, utility disconnections, closing of local accounts, schooling departure requirements.
    • Walk-through of property.
    • Coordination between transferee and landlord, where required.
    • Return of deposits.