For Relocation Management Companies

Internal teams get to know the locations into which they are supporting transferees – your team members gain access to Relocation-Tips.com, allowing them to talk with ease to transferees about the place they are about to call home.

Your clients know their employees’ are getting what they want, when they need it – with traditional PC/Laptop access, and smartphone/tablet compatibility, your clients will have the confidence that their employee’s needs are being taken care of 24/7.

Access is automatically provided with Destination Services support – if you authorize DS support via Coppergate International, your transferees will automatically gain the benefit of Relocation-Tips at no extra charge.

You can boost resources and revenue – purchase unlimited licenses for your key traffic cities, and you can offer RelocationTips to clients who don’t currently utilize your full range of services. Offer it free or charge a small fee. It’s up to you!

You choose your locations – In the rare case that we don’t already support your U.S. location, we’ll get right to work— just for you! Across the nation, we’re committed to providing you with the highest-caliber information, guidance, and overall value.